The purpose of TTA is to contribute to the advancement of technology and the promotion of information and telecommunications services and industry as well as the development of national economy, by effectively establishing and providing technical standards that reflect the latest domestic and international technological advances, needed for the planning, design and operation of global end-to-end telecommunications and related information services, in close collaboration with companies, organizations and groups concerned with information and telecommunications such as network operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, academia, R&D institutes, etc.

* Establishment, Revision and Dissemination of Info-Communication Standards
   - Telecommunication > IPv6, VoIP, PBX facilities, xDSL, Optical-Internet, etc.
   - Radio Communication > IMT-2000, Fourth Generation Mobile Communication, Digital
     Broadcasting, Bluetooth, Satellite Communications, etc.
   - Information Technology > E-Commerce, Cryptographic Algorithms, S/W Components,
   - Internet Home Appliances, etc.

* Planning of Info-Communication Standards and Research on Confronting Strategy

* Management and Control of Info-Communication Standardization Projects

* Testing and Certification of Info-Communication-Related Products
   (Networks, S/W, Digital Broadcasting, Communication Services)
   - Providing Testing and Certification Services for Networks and Digital Broadcasting Equipment
   - Providing Testing and Certification Services for Domestic Software Products
   - Developing and Supporting Testing for Ensuring the Interoperability of ICT Products
   - Managing Testing Consortia for Ensuring the Interoperability of ICT Products
   - Supporting Medium and Small-sized Enterprises by Providing an Open Lab Environment and
     the Leasing of Services Incorporating Expensive Testing Equipment
   - Evaluating the Quality of the Networks of Domestic Telecommunications Service Providers

* Training of ICT International Standards Experts and Supporting of Standardization Forum

* Setting-up and Operation of a Database for Integrated Standards Information

* International Standardization Cooperation and Standardization of Info-Communication