1. Certification logo

2. USB Product Categories
ˇˇUSB ˇˇWireless USB
   System With Embedded Host
    Native Devices
    Device Wire Adapter (DWA)
    Host Adapers (WHCI & HWA or Systems with embedded Host) using Certified SI

3. Test Categories
ˇˇUSB ˇˇWireless USB
    USB Command Verifier (USBCV)
    Interoperability Tests (Gold-tree Devices) & Functional Tests
    Electrical Tests
    WUSBCV Framework Tests
    Wireless USB Interoperability(IOP) Tests
    Association Tests
    Radio Frequency Error Vector Magnitude (RF EVM)
    Antenna Orientation Packet Error Rate (PER)
    DWACV and DWA Downstream IOP Tests
    HWACV Tests
    USB 2.0 Full-Compliance Tests

4. Test Equipement
    Agilent Infiniium DSA91304A Digital Oscilloscope
    USB 2.0 Electrical Test Tool: Agilent N5416A
    Agilent 81134A - 3.35GHz 2-channel Pulse/Pattern Generator
    USB 2.0 Gold-tree Test Suite
    USB 2.0 Test Fixtures
    Ellysis USB Analyzer
    Fluke 789 Multi-meter
    USB-IF WUSB Test Tools : WUSBCV, EVM Tool, WHCI-based PDK
    Know Good Devices (KDGs) : DWAs, HWA/Hub sets, WUSB Laptops, Lucidport L800

5. Contact Point
    Name: Dong Ho Kim
    Email: kim@tta.or.kr
    Tel: +82-10-5111-1038
    Fax: +82-31-724-0169

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