GSC is the title of joint meeting of Global Telecommunication Standardization Collaboration(GTSC)/Global Radiocommunications Standardization Collaboration(GRSC), formerly Global Standards Collaboration(GSC)/Radio Standardization(RAST)


GTSC is an initiative of ETSI, Committee T1 and TTC. Besides these founding members, ISACC, TIA, TTA, ACIF and ITU are participating in GTSC. The mission of the GTSC is to facilitate collaboration between PSOs on High Interest Subjects(HIS).

The first meeting was hosted by the Australian Telecommunication Standardization Committee(ATSC) and evolved from the third Interregional Telecommunications Standards Conference(ITSC) in Tokyo in November 1992. Their goal is to further informal linkage among senior officials from the national, regional and international telecommunication standards bodies in support of the work of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU). These meetings also provide a framework for the exchange of information, the establishing of objectives to accelerate the process of global telecommunications and radio standards development and the promotion of interconnectivity and interoperability.

GRSC was formed in Nov. 1994 to provide an informal multinational information exchange focused on radio standardization trends and developments in the delegates various regions, to facilitate assessing the potential for harmonization and to complement the more formal processes of other bodies, and particularly the ITU in the work of developing international standards recommendations. It was decided that, for practical reasons, GRSC meetings should be held in conjunction with other major related international events such as the GTSC or ITU.