The standardization on IMT-Advanced in the name of Recommendation M.[IMT.RSPEC] is now under process in ITU-R. And it is expected that M.[IMT.RSPEC] will be approved by RA-12 as the Recommendation of ITU-R.

Especially the 3GPP LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.16m technology were in the limelight as a candidate technology of IMT-Advanced. As a member of the 3GPP OP, TTA is participating and cooperating within 3GPP. And TTA is also in cooperation with IEEE 802.16 WG according to the cooperation relationship of standardization. TTA in the IMT-Advanced standardization is contributing and participating for the standardization activities on IMT-Advanced.

Depending on the above background, TTA, we proposed to two technologies (3GPP LTE-Advanced and WirelessMAN-Advanced) as a candidate IMT-Advanced technology. As a result of evaluation of two candidate technologies for the minimum requirements of IMT-Advanced in ITU-R, two technologies were adopted on October 2010. TTA, as the relevant SDO, would like to express the appreciation to ITU-R and the relevant parties members for their efforts and cooperation.

TTA provides information as a proponent and transposing Organization such as the required IPR issue.

Ēš TTA IMT-Advanced Standards List
Through this website relevant to IMT-Advanced standard list, TTA will be continues to provide and update plan.

     - 3GPP LTE-Advanced
     - WirelessMAN-Advanced

Ēš TTA IPR Declarations List Relevant to IMT-Advanced
The IMT-Advanced is associated with the TTA received from members IPR Commitment Letters (IPR Declaration) level, the appropriate technology can be identified by the list. The IPR-related concerns such as the TTA and ITU standards organizations are in compliance with the IPR policy.
The following is a list on IPR declaration from TTA member companies, and these IPR-related are in compliance with the IPR policy of TTA and ITU.

     - 3GPP LTE-Advanced
     - WirelessMAN-Advanced (TTA has been encouraging TTA member companies to report and
       submit their IPR declarations, if any.)

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