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International Mobile Telecommunications-2000, also known as the Third Generation Mobile Systems, will fulfill one's dream of making anywhere, anytime communications a reality, providing a framework for worldwide wireless access by linking the diverse system of terrestrial and/or satellite based networks.

For more systematic standardization activities matching the international trends, in 1999, TTA joined 3GPP and 3GPP2 while having established IMT-2000 Project Group (PG01) as the domestic corresponding entity.

▶ TTA IMT-2000 Project Group (PG01) Structure
TTA publishes IMT-2000 standards by transposing the specifications made by 3GPP, 3GPP2 & IEEE and provides it as a reference for ITU.

  • Direct Spread - CDMA (Section 5.1 of Rec. ITU-R M.1457)
  • Multi Carrier - CDMA (Section 5.2 of Rec. ITU-R M.1457)
  • OFDMA TDD WMAN (Section 5.6 of Rec. ITU-R M.1457)
  • TTA IMT-2000 Standards List (download)
  • - Radio interfaces aspects
    M.1457 : Detailed specifications of the terrestrial radio interfaces of International Mobile Telecommunications-2000

    - Network aspects
    Q.1741 : IMT-2000 references of GSM evolved UMTS core network
    Q.1742 : IMT 2000 references to ANSI-41 evolved core network with cdma2000 access network

▶ TTA IPR Declarations List Relevant to IMT-2000
The following is a list on IPR declaration from TTA members, and these IPR are in compliance with the IPR policy of TTA and ITU.
Note: TTA has been encouraging TTA members to report and submit their IPR declarations, if any.
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