• TTA Intellectual Property Rights Policy

    The TTA Policy regarding IPRs that cover the subject matters of TTA Standards is embodied in a bylaw, Guidelines for the Handling of IPRs relating to TTA Standards, first adopted by Technical Assembly of TTA in June, 2004.

    The objective of establishing TTA Standards is to ensure compatibility and end-to-end interconnection of telecommunications and related information services on a global as well as nation-wide basis.

    To meet this objective, TTA, as a standards-making body accredited by the MIC, endeavors to create and provide standards based on the latest domestic and international technological advances and solutions which best meet the technical requirements.

    Therefore, even in a case where a proposed TTA standard may include the use of IPRs, TTA considers it desirable to pursue standardization if it's condition is non-discriminatory and non-exclusive.

    The gist of the TTA IPR Policy is summarized as follows :

    1. Disclosure of IPRs

    TTA is not in a position to search for information about IPRs which may cover subject matters of proposed TTA standards, but it is desirable the fullest available information should be disclosed. Therefore, anyone proposing a TTA standard or anyone having interests in it should, from the outset, draw the attention of TTA to any known IPR or to any known pending IPR application, by notifying relevant information to the Secretary-General of TTA, although TTA is unable to verity the validity of any such information.

    2. Request for Written Confirmation of the IPR of the IPR Holders to Grant Licenses on the IPRs

    When an IPR relating a proposed TTA standard is brought the attention of TTA, the Secretary-General of TTA shall immediately request the relevant IPR holder to give within thirty days(this period may be extended) a written confirmation of intent to grant irrevocable licenses on the IPR for the purpose of implementing the TTA standard.

    3. Terms and Conditions for granting licenses on the IPRs for the purpose of implementing TTA standards

    Following a careful study and review of the written statement given by the relevant IPR holders, TTA shall proceed to develop and establish the TTA standard as proposed if the IPR holder is willing comply with the provisions of either paragraph 3.1 or paragraph 3.2 :

    3.1 The relevant IPR holder will grant licenses on his IPR without compensation and on a non-discriminatory basis for the purpose of implementing the TTA standard.

    In this case the TTA standard shall be freely accessible to everybody, subject to no royalties or particular conditions.

    3.2 The relevant IPR holder is not willing to waive his rights but would be willing to negotiate licenses with applicants on reasonable terms and conditions and on a non-discriminatory basis. In this case the negotiations are left to the parties concerned.

    4. Responsibility of TTA

    TTA shall not be responsible for the accuracy and validity of relevant IPRs claimed by IPR holders, nor shall be involved in the arbitration of disputes between IPR holders and users of TTA standards.